I am apolagizing in advance at the length of these next posts. They are for my family. These are the rest of our pictures from Venezuela. I needed to get these on here before I do Krissi's b-day! Anyway, these ones are when we went to go see some Christmas lights.
(I don't know what the deal is, but Wuilman always has a hold of my arm like he is going to rip it off?)

Our cute little family :)

Krissi dancing with Papa. She has really turned into a daddy's girl

Talia's cousin who is 11 went on these go-karts so she wanted to try it to. She actually did really good and said it was fun. She just looks so small with that big helmet!

Krissi playing with the boys on the floor

Eating at the mall

Krissi feeding the chickens with Abuelo, Wuilman took this pic through the bathroom window

New Year's Eve dinner

Talia dancing with Jaikarlis

Us with Jiker, the host for the dinner

Wuilman found some of his old toys before we left and was so excited for the girls to play with them too. The car still worked and everything. He wasn't very excited that Talia used her barbie to ride Heman's horse though!

Ok, again these pictures on here in reverse order because it takes to long to go the other way. These ones are of a park that we went go. The first pic is of Johann, Ceies, Stalin and Talia, all cousins.

The kids wore bandanas, it was super cute!

Talia got her face painted

Krissi did not enjoy that!

Getting ready to go to the park, this is when Talia realized she wanted a bandana too

More icecream

Talia helping Abuelo sweep

These first pictures are at a bbq birthday party we went to. This is Wuilman dancing with his Grandma. Everyone makes fun of her because whenever they go out to a party she brings her own music to play and makes everyone take a turn dancing with her. She would surprise you how fast she can move. I know I was shocked!

Krissi loved the maracas!

The girls eating icecream

ok, I am pretty sure I am the last one to post about Christmas but here it goes. Here are some pictures opening presents in Venezuela. They are out of order too, but whatever. This top one if of Talia giving the neighbor boys some little Christmas goodie bags we brought.

Giving abuelita her Christmas. She was asleep at midnight when everybody else opened theirs!

This is another neighbor who Talia brought a princess barbie for, she was really excited! But we had to be sure to tell her mom to let her play with it and not just put it away on a shelf. Barbies cost a fortune over there!

Krissi was only interested in the candy canes from the Christmas tree

Talia and Ceies

All the cousins

Ok, now that it is almost Valentine's Day I guess I need to post picture of our Christmas trip to Venezuela. Again, I like to put the pictures like this so you can scan them at your own pace. I am going to make a couple of posts because there are so many pictures, but here is the first.

Ok, I accidentally deleted this picture. It was supposed to be at the end but here it is. This is our Christmas eve dinner.

This first picture is in the Caracas airport. Wuilman's brother was supposed to meet us there, but wuilman's nephew and cousins were there to surprise us! It was a nice surprise because they were able to keep the girls entertained because we had a six hour delay!

This is our nephew Stalin and Krissi

All the kids playing in the airport

This is only one fo the vehicles (a 15 passenger van) that came to pick us up. There were two other cars full of people at the airport. They said that about 20 people went home and didn't wait of us because we were so late.

Krissi and Talia relaxing in the hammock with Abuelo.

We brought a couple of newer movies so here are some of the younger kids watching UP.

Talia, Tio, and Johan decorating the christmas tree.

Making Hallacas (a venezuelan christmas tradition, kind of like a tamale bigger and with a lot more filling)

Talia was obsessed with this little snowman and would drag it around everywhere.

Talia and I all dressed up for Christmas eve dinner

Abuelita (Wuilman's grandma) and I This trip I was able to talk to her a little bit more. Of course she just jabbers away at me like before but this time I was actually able to understand a little bit more and she could understand me. I hope to be blessed to spend more time with her